This is a weegrounding_breathk where we all might be feeling a little edgy…a little like confronting every person or situation that presents itself as different than us or different than what we believe to be true.  A good friend once reminded me that beliefs are the handcuffs of the mind. So this week let’s make an effort not to fall into the trap of judging everything based on our belief system. Just stay grounded, observe what’s going on around you and in you. Give that ‘edgyness’ a little space before you act. The situations will present themselves again and when they do, the surrounding energy may be a bit better to support your action.

So, for now, just breathe. Stay grounded. What does this mean? Simply imagine roots at the base of your spine growing deep into the earth, supporting you and holding you steady.

Then, for the rest of the week, just observe all that is happening in the world around you. The time for action will come at a later date.