KeleMarie Lyons


I believe we all have the power to live our best life through uncovering our unique skills and talents and then sharing them with the world. In fact, I’m confident that sharing our talents with the world and humanity will make this world a better place.

We’re all about making a difference.

That’s why supporting grass roots community development is at the center of everything we do.

When you invest in your success, health, and well-being you are not only helping yourself; you are helping low-income women, children, and families improve their health and well-being.

Together we pay our fortunes forward by providing financial and humanitarian support to CORE/El Centro and Circle of Empowerment.

CORE - El Centro logo
CORE/El Centro
is a non-profit, bilingual natural healing center which embraces all people and has a passion for serving those of low income. Their purpose is to make healing services accessible, to build community, and to inspire all who desire the healing capacities of natural therapies. As a non-profit organization, CORE is dedicated to accomplishing this by offering natural healing practices and holistic exercises that integrate body, mind, and spirit by creating an environment that nurtures self-healing and community well-being.

Circle of Empowerment logo
Circle of Empowerment
is a grass roots outreach community support program in Aposentillo, Nicaragua, located northwest of Chinandega. The project was started by Margaret (Meg) Boren on January 1, 2003. The primary goal of the organization is to empower Nicaraguan citizens through increased access to healthcare and education.